Åstorp BFE station

New Biofuel Express truck station with green and fossil-free products opens in Åstorp

25. januar 2021
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Today monday January 25 Biofuel Express opens a new station for heavy transport in Åstorp in Sweden with the option of green fuels.

The station for the larger vehicles will be located at Malmövägen 7, close to the E4 and Nyvång Trafikplats.

It will be possible to refuel with both B100 Biodiesel RME Premium, HVO100 Renewable Diesel, diesel and AdBlue.

The new site in Åstorp is the first of several Biofuel Express station openings in 2021, which will help increase the availability of our products.

Åstorp has a good location, which helps to increase the availability of our green products down through Sweden and in particular in the area of Skåne. It was included in the planning of the station that it should be located so it would be easy to get to from the highway and quickly and easily get refueled with our fossil-free products, ” says Martin Sebastian Agdal, partner in Biofuel Express.

The green fuels help to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, where B100 Biodiesel RME Premium can help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70%, and HVO100 Renewable Diesel by up to 90%. Likewise, the local particles can be reduced by up to 33% by using HVO Renewable Diesel. It is also not necessary to change or modify the vehicle, as the fuels are compatible with regular diesel.

The refueling facilities in the Biofuel Express chain are unmanned, and it is therefore possible to refuel 24/7. It is possible to use both high or low speed pumps, so both large and small cars can refuel there (130/40 liters a min. Pumps).

It will be possible to pay with Biofuel Express Card at the stations as well as use ordinary payment cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and others.

Biofuel Express is looking forward to welcoming you to the new station in Åstorp, where it will be possible to offer customers fossil-free quality fuels in the future at favorable prices.

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