Arboga station

New Biofuel Express station with fossil-free products opens in Arboga in Sweden

25. maj 2021
2 minutes read

On tuesday 25 May 2021, Biofuel Express’ new station will open at Burskapsvägen 14 in Arboga, Sweden. The fuel station is located at Sätra traffic junction at E18 and E20, so it is easy to drive to and from the highway. It is also relatively close to other businesses and is a small 10 minutes’ drive from Arboga center.

The station will have all Biofuel Express’ green products in the form of HVO100 Neste MY Renewable Diesel and B100 Biodiesel RME Premium. In addition, both environmental diesel and AdBlue can also be refueled at the station.

“We are in the process of building a lot of new stations in Sweden and increasing the availability of our green products. To make the whole network cohesive, we select the most advantageous locations and here comes Arboga into the picture. It is very well located between Norrköping, Stockholm and northern Sweden, so it makes very good sense, ”says Martin Sebastian Agdal, partner in Biofuel Express.

It is possible to refuel at the station around the clock and it is equipped with both high and low speed pumps (130 and 40 liters per minute), so that both cars and trucks can refuel there.

In addition, it is equipped with two lanes, and it is possible to pay with Biofuel Express Card as well as regular credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new station in Arboga.

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