Biofuel Express receives the international ISCC certification

10. januar 2022
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Focus on documentation is an increasingly important part of climate efforts.

Biofuel Express now further supports this development after successful ISCC certification.

The ISCC certification is one of the World’s leading certification systems, which purpose is to create transparency around sustainable solutions, so that the raw materials are completely traceable throughout the supply chain. ISCC has set several requirements, which are to:

  • Implement social and ecological sustainability criteria
  • Monitor forest clearance-free supply chains
  • Avoid conversion of biodiverse grasslands
  • Calculation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Establishing traceability in global supply chains

The ISCC certification is thus your guarantee that the raw materials which our fossil-free biofuel products are produced from have been treated in a sustainable manner and, among other things, do not help to eradicate forests and biodiversity. The supply chain also helps to reduce CO2 emissions for the benefit of the climate.

In addition to the green and climate friendly values, it is essential for Biofuel Express to be able to contribute to proper conditions – from the time the raw materials are produced until the fuel ends up at the customer. By establishing sustainable and socially justifiable systems and solutions, nature and people in future generations are secured, which is an essential part of Biofuel Express’ work, which is why the ISCC certification is of great importance.

Your security for a quality-assured partner
In addition to the ISCC certification, Biofuel Express is also ISO-certified, which deals with quality assurance (ISO 9001: 2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001: 2015). It is particularly important to be able to document that continuous work is being done to improve products and processes, while at the same time improving the company’s environmental and climate footprint.

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Transparency is the way forward
ISCC certification is another important step for Biofuel Express’ continuous focus on creating transparency and valid documentation for our customers to show their positive climate impact based on the use of biofuels, so this can be included in the customers’ climate calculation.

It is also exactly to make this effort even easier that the Biofuel Express Insight portal has been launched to our customers. Biofuel Express Insight helps to create a greater insight into the customer’s fuel consumption, so that it is easily and intuitively illustrated how much CO2 have been reduced, as well as a detailed statement of exactly which raw materials the fuel consists of and where the raw materials come from.

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