Mariestad station

Mariestad gets Biofuel Express station with green and fossil-free products

8. februar 2021
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On Monday 8 February 2021, Biofuel Express will open a new truckstation in Mariestad in Sweden, where it will be possible to fill up with green fuels.

The station will be located at Ullervad’s traffic junction, by highway E20 and the Sandbäcken rest area.

It will be possible to refuel both B100 Biodiesel RME Premium, HVO100 Renewable Diesel, diesel and AdBlue.

The plant in Mariestad is one of several station openings for Biofuel Express in 2021, which will help increase the availability of the fossil-free products.

“We have several opportunities of fueling in both the Göteborg and the Stockholm areas, but we have not yet had anyone who really connects the two areas to each other. The Mariestad station will therefore serve as a good opportunity to refuel green on the road between the two locations, if you e.g. drive from the north down to Göteborg or vice versa,” says Clemen Rasmussen, partner in Biofuel Express.

The various fossil-free products at the stations reduce greenhouse gases, which is the contrary ordinary fossil diesel, which adds to the carbon footprint. B100 Biodiesel RME Premium can help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70%, and HVO100 Renewable Diesel by up to 90% compared to regular diesel. Likewise, the local particles can be reduced by up to 33% by using HVO Renewable Diesel. It is not necessary to change or modify the vehicle, as the fuels are compatible with regular diesel. Therefore, they can also be blended into regular diesel as needed.

Erik Randén, Head of Development for Mariestad Municipality, says the following about the station’s opening: “Mariestad is purposefully investing in environmentally smart solutions. That’s why we warmly welcome Biofuel Express’ facility. This also strengthens Mariestad’s strategic location in the Nordic region as a very good logistical location.”

The station is unmanned, and it is therefore possible to refuel around the clock. It is possible for fueling at high and low speed pumps, dedicated to both large and small vehicles (130/40 liters in min. Pumps).

It will also be possible to pay with Biofuel Express Card at the stations as well as use ordinary payment cards such as VISA, MasterCard and others.

Biofuel Express is looking forward to welcoming you to the new station in Mariestad, where you can refuel with fossil-free quality fuels at favorable prices.

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