Meet the team - Finn Poulsen

Meet Finn Poulsen – Key Account Manager in Denmark

13. september 2021
1 minute read

On an ongoing basis, we will introduce some of the hard-working employees who are employed at Biofuel Express and serve as the Biofuel Express DNA.

We have now come to Finn Bjarne Poulsen, who is responsible for the trucking part primarily in Denmark, but also other places in Europe such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Finn is an experienced man with his more than 20 years in the oil industry and experience in the haulage and transport industry before that. This means that Finn has a great deal of knowledge in general about transport and fuels, which he uses to give the best service and advice.

Finn has a great passion for the green transition and focuses on sustainability and environmental-friendly initiatives and is a huge nerd when it comes to products and the market. He especially emphasizes reliability and availability when it comes to the customer relationship.

Personally, Finn is very active through a healthy lifestyle, where he is very interested in diet and exercise, including golf and badminton.

If you need advice and guidance regarding the conversion to biofuels, bulk plants, or equipment, then Finn is the one to contact.

Finn Poulsen

Finn Poulsen
+45 53 88 79 89

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