Sludge and municipal waste as part of the future resources within fuels

23. maj 2022
2 minutes read

Neste, our partner and the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel, such as HVO100 Neste MY Renewable Diesel, is constantly working to expand their range of waste resources.

Waste-based fuel is categorised as 2nd generation biofuel.

One of the raw materials that is therefore looked at a lot is such things as sludge, municipal waste and brown fat from, e.g., restaurant kitchens.

Solid waste from the municipal can consist of almost all discarded materials, depending on the legislation and the degree of recycling at a given site.

The purpose is to explore untapped solid waste streams that can be exploited. The challenge, however, is to find suitable sources and places where effective value chains can be created that provide the opportunity to go from waste collection through pre-treatment and eventually to refining.

By exploring different raw materials and their potential to be recycled as fuel, otherwise untapped resources are used, while the increased demand for renewable energy sources can be met by scaling and expanding the range of raw materials.

If you are in doubt about whether your production waste can be used as a waste resource for biofuels, then you can contact Neste directly.

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